Eighty-Eights series are an outstanding choice in shears for both wet and dry cutting. We craft it from a specialized high-carbon Japanese stainless steel, and this line features four shear lengths, dual removable tangs, straight handles, and a tried-and-true zero-offset ring configuration. And while the offset may be zero, the finger positioning for the series is still highly ergonomic, with a distinctively molded ring shape for much more comfortable finger placement. Cutters who are Vidal Sassoon trained will immediately recognize its style and feel right at home with this shear. The Eighty-Eights are classic haircutting shears “with a twist” that you simply have to try for yourself.

Premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel
Great for both wet and dry hair
Dual removable tangs
Ergonomic ring configuration
Counter-sunk locking tension control
Screw-in bumper
Hattori Hanzo lifetime warranty