Pai Mei


Like a high-end sports car, Pai Mei will outperform almost every other shear on the market. Blends of cast or forged steels make up the composition of most shears. However, we utilize advanced production techniques in the creation of the Pai Mei. We construct each HHP from condensed microparticles of nano powder steel. The result is a scissor of unparalleled strength and cutting ability. The unique design of the Pai Mei boasts a nearly flat thumb blade with a rounded spine, combined with a curved cutting blade carrying a classic 800mm radius, creating a shear of extreme versatility and capability. Ideal for perimeter lines and bobs, the Pai Mei will cut a perfectly straight line through even the densest sections–saving the stylist precious time on every haircut.

Premium Nano powder steel (condensed micro particles)
Counter-Sunk Locking Tension Control
Brushed Handle
Screw-in Bumper
Lifetime Warranty
15 Day “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee