Kime Swivel


The swivel version of the Kime, Kime Swivel is a swivel enthusiast’s staple in high-carbon shear range
with strong emphasis placed on its dry cutting properties. Potentially our most well-rounded shear, the HH6 series not only efficiently cuts dry hair but will make short work of any kind of wet haircutting as well. It has a thicker blade designed to push through thick, coarse dry hair quickly. The radius on the edges of the HH6 series is slightly different to help it to peel hair via techniques like channel cutting and slide cutting. This shear will not tear hair like many other shears might when performing these techniques. And even though there is a slight bevel at the tip, you can still cut exquisite sharp lines on wet hair. The Kime Swivel was developed with an ergonomic handle plus an offset on the swivel thumb to give the user more control and comfort while cutting. It comes in a 6.0” inch configuration.

Premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel
Permanent Finger Rest
Ergonomic Swivel Handle
Counter-Sunk Locking Tension Control
Screw-in Bumper
Available in both single and double swivel