We developed our swivels with a focus on ergonomics along with an emphasis on technique. A swivel shear allows the stylist independence in the thumb, which relieves pressure on the wrist. As the stylist opens the shear, the thumb is permitted to swing outward and keep the top of the hand still and the rest of the arm in a much more  straight and neutral position. The swivel focuses on making the thumb the primary moving muscle. Since the thumb swivels, it also allowsthe user to rotate the shear 180 degrees to promote channel cutting and creative shear techniques with more comfortable pointing with ergonomic control. Not only does this shear come in a single swivel, but we also offer this in a double swivel configuration. The double swivel extends even more independence to the thumb to further encourage ergonomics in the wrist and hand while allowing complete mobility for the thumb. This shear comes in a wide variety of lengths from 5.0” to 7.0” in half-inch sizes. Because the range of lengths is so broad, Can accommodate almost any cutting style.

Premium molybdenum-alloy blend
Ergonomic Swivel Handle
Permanent Finger Rest
Countersunk Locking Tension Control
Screw-in Bumper
Lifetime Warranty