26-toothed medium-coarse blending swivel texturizer. The Hayaku is an extremely efficient debulking tool that gives cutters the ability to remove significant weight. It allows barbers and stylists to blend the hair to add a nice, soft visual texture. It is fundamentally your “industry standard” texturizer, except that this is a considerable upgrade to the “thinning shears” that most stylists learn to use in beauty school. The curved teeths let this shear slide out seamlessly without grabbing hair, while the micro serrations on the top of the teeth help add a hint of visual texture.

Proprietary blend including cobalt & molybdenum alloys
26 Teeth
6 Inches in length
Ergonomic Swivel Handle
Counter-Sunk Locking Tension Control
Lifetime Warranty
Permanent Finger Rest
Screw-in Bumper