Developed with the iconic Sassoon handle, it is something you might recognize from other old school barbering shears. Ultimate barbering tool as well as the perfect “one length” tool. As the it is the longest shear we make, some stylists even use the Gokai for deep detail work. Available in two sizes–at 8.0” and 8.5” inches–this shear has gigantic blades designed to give the barber or stylist maximum contact between the blades you need in a longer scissor. This shear is perfect for shape-ups, scissor-over-comb work, and one-length cutting. It will ensure you get a consistent and clean cut throughout. One standout benefit of this tool is the absolute efficiency you can achieve with a longer scissor. Fans of the HH21 consistently rave about the Gokai as their “secret weapon” in maximizing time management in their cutting.

Premium molybdenum-alloy blend
20 Degree Offset Handle
Screw-in Bumper
Permanent Finger Rest
Countersunk Locking Tension Control
Lifetime Warranty
Capable of cutting extremely long straight cuts