Menuki is the most ergonomic fixed-handle shear on the market. With the Menuki, you’ll notice how deep the offset angle is on the handle along with how far back the thumb rolls to keep both the hand and wrist in a comfortable, neutral position. The design allows continuous contact with the thumb while holding the wrist straight. The ergonomic finger rests at the top are designed to give more control and comfort along the shear’s neck. An exaggerated spoon tang accompanies it to allow the stylist to completely wrap their
pinky around it and exercise more control of the stationary bottom blade. The shear is weighted slightly more in the handle to not only give the stylist more control when cutting sharp lines but also add precision to their detail work by eliminating any kind of drag in the scissor. The Menuki is a tremendous all-around cutting shear with a strong emphasis on wet hair. The HH4 Menuki comes in three sizes from 5.5” to 6.5” inches.

Ergonomic handle
Permanent Finger Rest
Countersunk Locking Tension Control
Screw-in Bumper
Lifetime Warranty
Beneficial in dry hair due to its dry steel blend