Kamikaze is part of high-carbon shears family. We developed the HH1 for dry hair with a strong emphasis on dry slide cutting. What sets the Kamikaze apart from the rest of the high-carbon line is the exaggerated bevel arc on the blade. Crafted with a very wide blade, the HH1 pushes through thick, coarse dry hair. And because the design of the Kamikaze emphasizes pushing hair through as the scissor closes–this shear will not cut a sharp line. The HH1 is perfect for the stylist who does a lot of dry finishing work and dry detail work such as
channel cutting, slide cutting, carving, face-framing, and point cutting. The Kamikaze is especially useful for curly-haired clients because stylists do not usually cut sharp lines in dry hair–and many stylists cut curly hair dry. It is adept at layering and texturizing hair as well as blending extensions. Comes in two different versions: 6.0” and 6.5” in length.

Premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel
Permanent Finger Rest
Counter-Sunk Locking Tension Control
Screw-in Bumper
Lifetime Warranty
5.5 Length has a more exaggerated radius specifically designed for dry slide cutting