It is a natural wet/dry hybrid shear we developed with high-carbon dry cutting steel. We call it a “hybrid shear” because while it has outstanding dry cutting properties, it has the blade design of a narrow, precision wet cutting shear. The Mamba truly is the best of both worlds. With a handle reminiscent of classic Sassoon handles, the HHV is constructed with a slight offset and a minor rounded thumb to increase comfort and control. A small whip tang is also a strategic part of the design with the freestyle cutter in mind. The tang allows the user to manipulate the position of the shear in their hands with ease. The Mamba comes in a wide variety of sizes. It is also the only shear Hanzo makes in a 4.5” inch configuration for the true Sassoon short scissor enthusiast in mind. Sizing starts at 4.5” inches and goes up to 6.5” inches–distributed by half-inch sizes.

Countersunk Locking Tension Control
Brushed Handle
Screw-in Bumper
Lifetime Warranty
15 Day “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee
Our most versatile hybrid shear
The only shear from Hattori Hanzo that features a 4.5” length